Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why Use Glass Tiles for Your Kitchen?

Glass tiles for kitchen backsplash are the perfect choice when renovating your cooking and preparation area because you are guaranteed to get what your money is really worth. Not only are they elegant but utterly practical as well. Glass tiles in general are costlier than ceramic and tin tiles, especially for the textured glass tiles and mosaic glass tiles. In return for the higher prices, you are getting a lifetime of backsplash that requires less maintenance.

Glass tiles for kitchen backsplash have more to offer. The benefits are as follow:

1.      Last longer

Glass lasts longer than ceramic, both under well-maintained conditions and harshness of elements. You may not even have to replace it again during your lifetime. The natural iridescence of glass keeps it looking brand new for years, compared to the luster of ceramic tiles that fades year after year.

2.      Maximize natural lighting

The high reflective property of glass tiles can enhance natural and artificial lighting, making them the more practical choice. When the backsplash is integrated with the design of the whole kitchen, systematically placing it to complement natural lighting or compensate for the lack thereof, if will even be more effective and save you tens of dollars on electric bills.

3.      Give illusion of a larger kitchen

Homes with smaller cooking areas are recommended to use glass tiles for kitchen backsplash as they give the illusion of a larger space. A well-reflected kitchen also looks less cluttered and restricted, perfect in brightening up your mood when cooking your family’s favorite dish.

4.      Don’t grow moulds, mildew and fungi

Glass tiles are water-tight, non-porous materials. This means you are safe from moulds, mildew and fungi even with minimal cleaning routine. Pairing them with antibacterial tile grout makes your backsplash even more resistant against unwanted microbes.

Mosaic glass tiles and glass tiles with carved designs are more prone to these growths, but proper cleaning will solve the problem.

5.      Easy to clean

Because glass has natural smooth and non-porous surface, cleaning is minimal and mild agents will work just fine. Glass tiles for kitchen backsplash will surely save you time.

6.      More resistant to scratches

They are not totally resistant to scratches, but compared to ceramics, you are better off with a more durable material like glass.

7.      Environment friendly

Recycled glass tiles are preferred by many home designers because they are cheaper and safer yet equally astonishing as non-recycled materials. This will complete your green architecture and design – an authentic green!

8.      Looks more elegant

Glass tiles for kitchen backsplash can easily transform your kitchen to a five-star restaurant, inundating with elegance and class. The simple complexity glass has is sheer high-end.