Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mosaic Glass Backsplash

Mosaic Glass Backsplash Tile Can Create A Truly Unique Kitchen Focal Point

One of the reasons many of our customers are quite taken with mosaic glass tiles is that they offer nearly limitless opportunities to create truly unique focal points for one's home.
"Mosaic" traditionally refers to the art form of creating an image using small chips of stone or glass. Mosaics are wonderfully complex and intricate. Sometimes, they present a picture that is meant to be taken as a whole, and other times, the color, placement, shape and pattern of the mosaic tiles is used more to evoke a feeling or abstract impression.
As used in home decor, mosaic tile can be used to create functional art, like a mosaic glass backsplash tile. As we said, our customers like to experiment with the following qualities of mosaic tiles until they come up with something truly special and tailored to their individual tastes:
  • Color: Would you like a tapestry of, say, complementary blue hues, or would you like to go more exotic and play around with tiles of different colors entirely for a more stained-glass effect? 
  • Texture: Do you prefer a rough texture, or does a smooth and shiny finish speak more to you?
  • Shape and size: Even with square tiles, shape presents its own array of options. For instance, square tiles with 90-degree-angle corners look quite different from ones with more "organic" edges.

With mosaic tile, we strongly recommend looking at pictures of available options and "living with" your choice for a little while. By that, we mean you should consider taping a photo of your preferred choices in the spot where you plan to create your backsplash and keeping them there for a few days. That way, you can decide how you feel about the options you have selected as they look in different lights and when you're in different moods.
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