Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ideas for Stained Glass Tile

Stained Glass Tile Ideas

Stained glass is one of the world’s most beautiful building materials. It has been around for more than a thousand years and has graced many cathedrals and churches all over the European continent. While stained glass continues to be used as a building material for churches, its uses are now expanded to homes. Stained glass is also even considered a hobby for arts and crafts enthusiasts.

Stained glass tiles are very useful in mosaics as mosaics are a great way to add texture and color to any interior and exterior environment. However, using stained glass tiles to make mosaic patterns creates a dazzling effect as the colorful glass reflects light for extra dimension. If the idea of stained glass is desired for home use, there are many ways of incorporating stained glass at home. The important thing is focusing on areas where the mosaic could have maximum exposure to light as well as impact.

Stained glass tiles can be used on Mediterranean-inspired backsplashes. If a homeowner has a Mediterranean kitchen full of earth tones in warm colors, it is best to use stained glass in cool colors and tones to create a dazzling look behind the stove or sink. Best for use is stained glass tiles in greens and blues to offset the warm colors of yellow, terra cotta, cream, red, and brown that fill out the room.

By partnering green and blue glass tile with earth colors, homeowners and designers can create a combination that brings out the sense of earth and sea, which is the hallmark of Mediterranean interior design. Homeowners can opt for single green or single blue shade, or derive from several tones of green and blue to create a multi-faceted backsplash made of mosaic to be the kitchen’s focal point.

Stained glass tiles usually do not come with the mesh backing. It is important to plan ahead as these tiles take more installation time. What is good about stained glass is that homeowners have many options regarding color and pattern, since the glass will not be purchased in sheets. Recycled glass is also becoming popular for homeowners who are environmental advocates. Not only is recycled tile environment-friendly, recycled glass has that rustic and shabby chic character that is absent in new tile.

One can never go wrong with a glass backsplash. Even the classic blue and clear tiles have a custom feel. Stained glass is also a customizable material. 

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