Friday, March 27, 2015

Designing a kitchen backsplash project

Design a cool kitchen backsplash   

Are you planning to install a backsplash in your kitchen? Yes? All you need to do is search for different designs. Installing a kitchen backsplash will be a very good idea, because it not only looks good, but also serves as a protector against food debris, stains, moisture and dirt. If your wall doesn’t have a backsplash, it will get dirty and be extremely difficult to clean.

   Backsplash comes in various different kinds of materials, and you need to choose the appropriate material for your kitchen. You can choose from ceramic, marble, glass, wood, metal or travertine. Tiles can be purchased from hardware stores, home depots and also, online. After you have bought your tiles, you can modify and refashion them as per your tastes.

Kitchen backsplash design ideas

   If you’re into fancy d├ęcor, you should consider buying decorative tiles instead of plain, dull ones. You can buy tiles with light switches or you can buy metal cast tiles. However, if you have already bought decorative tiles, don’t overdo them by further trying to create patterns etc. as they will only make it look exceeded.

   On the other hand, if you want to do-it-yourself and design a kitchen backsplash, you can use various combinations of colored tiles to create aesthetic patterns. You can choose a theme, and color code your backsplash accordingly. You can even create floral, geometric and vintage patterns using different tiles. You can use your tiles to write messages or texts too that might go with the theme of your kitchen. You do not only do your pattern yourself, but it will also be something you can comfortably and proudly set eyes on every single day.

mosaic backsplash idea

   Furthermore, you can also create mosaics, using tiles made of ceramic and glass. A mosaic glass backsplash is made up of broken glass tiles that are easy to find in junk shops or at surplus home centers. Ceramic backsplash mosaics can be made in exactly the same way, using ceramic instead of glass. Mosaics are cheaper too, because broken glass and ceramics are available as waste products. Therefore, you can create a backsplash that not only looks cool, but also is amazingly cheap.

   As mentioned earlier, while doing your backsplash, you need to be careful about the theme of your kitchen and ensure that it complements the kitchen, the rest of the decors and furniture. For example, if your kitchen is white, install a white backsplash. And with the extremely wide range of options and ideas available, it is not hard to come up with a backsplash that is affordable, makes your kitchen look good and also easier to clean and maintain.

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